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Council tax

Council tax is a local taxation system on domestic property. It is set and collected by local authorities.

Find out how council tax works and learn whether you might be eligible for a discount or exemption. You can also learn how to appeal your council tax band or liability.

Paying council tax

Information on council tax including valuation bands, how to pay, arrears and the appeals system.

Check if you can pay less council tax

Check if you can get a discount on your council tax bill or Council Tax Reduction if you’re on a low income.

Applying for Council Tax Reduction

Check how to apply to your local council and how you can challenge decisions.

Check what changes you need to report if you're getting Council Tax Reduction

Reporting a change in your circumstances, for example if you're away from home. Find out what happens if you don't report a change.

Check if you can get a second adult rebate on your council tax

Find out if you can pay less council tax when you're the only person in your household responsible for the bill.

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